Board of Directors

Eddie Crain – Chair and Lead Instructor of Recreational Equine Therapy

Eddie is the founder of HAH and a Vietnam veteran who has worked in several capacities with horses.  He was a Ranch Manager, trained quarter horses and thoroughbreds for racing and traveled with Pat Parelli, Parelli International, as the Sales Manager for Road Sales from 2001-2004.  HAH is his way of helping veterans heal from the trauma of combat duty.  He has designed, led, and conducted the HAH program since 2015.  The successful HAH program has benefited numerous men and women veterans and obtained awards from various organizations for it contribution to the well-being of the local communities. 

James Barber – Vice Chair and Life Skills Facilitator

James is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional with extensive experience and training working with trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, child abuse/molestation, and domestic violence.  He is an Army veteran who served from 1968-1970.  James also has raised and trained many horses over the years.

Linda Fox – Treasurer

Linda is an Army veteran who has worked in accounting for forty plus years prior to retiring.  She attended the University of Utah pursuing a sociology degree, while serving in the Active Army Reserves and working as the Food Stamp Auditor for the State of Utah.  She then moved to New Mexico, serving as an Army Tech while taking Education classes at University of New Mexico.


Eddie Crain – Lead Instructor of Recreational Equine Therapy

Don Brooks – Instructor of Recreational Equine Therapy

Don has worked around and with horses for a good part of his life.  Living with a disability himself, he has long recognized the rehabilitative affect that animals, and horses, in particular, have not only on him, but on others to whom he has introduced horses and horsemanship.  Don is a veteran of the Navy.

Dan Gandee – Instructor of Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying

Dan is a disabled Marine who grew up in a cowboy family and specializes in starting young colts the gentle way.  He learned to fly fish as a youngster and has been tying flies ever since.  Having been disabled from various assignments overseas (Beirut, Cuba, Pakistan, China, Argentina, Honduras, Norway, and France), he found fly fishing and fly tying the best therapy and wanted to share his interests with fellow veterans and others to help them find joy.  Dan ties various types of flies and specializes in tying Classic Salmon Flies.  He is the designer and maker of the “American Hero” fly that is now the HAH Fly.

James Barber – Life Skills Facilitator

Tatiana Perceval – Life Skills Facilitator

Tatiana was a nurse for 24 years and decided to pursue a degree so she could provide therapy for veterans.  She has a Master of Science in Psychology and is a licensed Masters Social Worker.  Tatiana has extensive experience in trauma and crisis therapy.  She is a veteran of the Air National Guard.