Participant safety is HAH’s number 1 priority.  We stress safety in everything we do from approaching a horse, grooming and caring for a horse, riding a horse, handling equipment, casting a fly rod, to releasing a trout.  Safety instructions are provided at the first class of every session and as a reminder in every class to ensure the safety of participants, instructors, and assistants.

HAH is currently designing an obstacle course to teach session participants new techniques while riding in the real world. The course puts emphases on using both the left and right sides of the brain, in activities such as leading, turning, guiding and backing-up the horse.  Participants are also taught to safely mount and dismount a horse, along with opening and closing gates. They will be taught these techniques through our obstacle course, as well as given the opportunity to practice all they have learned in the round pen and safety program throughout the entire HAH curriculum.  Upon successful completion of the obstacle course, participants will graduate and move on to the actual trail ride with the confidence to maneuver the horse through or around various scenarios they may encounter.