The existing Women’s Program consists of the same type of activities as those for the Men’s Program.  The 5-day session HAH offers typically consists of the following activities:

Morning (Breakfast): Brief breathing, mindfulness and stretching exercises; instructions on horse grooming and care; handling of horse equipment and fly-fishing/fly-tying equipment; instructions on safe riding, fly-fishing, and fly-tying techniques.

Afternoon (Lunch): Instructor for the Recreational Equine Therapy Group describes/demonstrates safe riding techniques and participants practice with supervision and assistance; Participants of the Recreational Piscatorial Therapy Group can practice fly-fishing with supervision/assistance, or learn and practice basic fly-tying techniques from the Fly-Tying Instructor.

Evening (Dinner): Free time to socialize, relax, and reflect with Life Skills Facilitator.

On the last day, enjoy a horseback ride, or fly-fishing at the Chama River or lake. 

WOMEN’S SESSION, 09/16/18 – 09/21/18